PureFree Alto

The PureFree Alto is our beautiful, paneled borosilicate glass water bottle, free from any plastics-chemicals. Four panels in the silicon sleeve reveal the glass and enable you to see the bottle contents. Perfect for the office, your car, your desk… Your water will taste fresher, cleaner and you’ll find yourself drinking more water, which can only be a good thing! The PureFree Alto comes in vibrant red, snow white and jet black.

Capacity: 500ml

Shipping is FREE for orders of two or more, and $5 nationwide for orders of one bottle. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend – they make the perfect gift! Scroll down for product reviews. 

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Summary for Alto
Average Score: 5 (9 ratings)
Love! Love! Love!
Love! Love! Love using my PureFree bottle. Drinking from it tastes fresh & crisp which is how it's supposed to be! I've had so many comments from people on the fabulous aesthetics of the design & packaging. I had to admit I've accidentally dropped it a few times & it's stayed intact with no damage to glass - brilliant! Highly recommend it to anyone & everyone!
Changed the Way I Drink Water
I love my PureFree glass water bottle. I don't go anywhere without it and it has changed the way I drink water! I now look forward to drinking water throughout the day and since getting the bottle have actually looked forward to the way the water tastes and feels, drinking from glass instead of metal or plastic! Thanks PureFree for helping me stay healthy
Great While Travelling
My PureFree bottle was so great while travelling as I could just ask the cabin crew to fill it up a few times during my flight, saved going through all those tiny bottles supplied by the plane and I arrived fresh and hydrated!
Talk About Durability!
Accidentally left my PureFree bottle on the back of the ute while we drove around the farm for an hour – no damage! Talk about durability.
Love My Purefree
I love my PureFree! It comes in red to match my life and drinking from it is so much better than any other bottle - no plastic or metal taste.
Nice and Slim
Love how my PureFree bottle fits upright in my handbag as it's nice & slim, and the water always tastes better!
Keeps Water Cooler For Longer
Not only does the water from my PureFree bottle taste better, it also keeps cooler for longer.  Plastic bottles just don’t cut it anymore!
I love the bottle
This is the best bottle I've ever used. Recommended!
Brilliant Alto bottle
I have been using an Alto bottle for nearly two years now, the perfect size for a backpack or messenger bag and also seems to fit well in car cup holders. Extremely hard wearing, dishwasher safe and keeping the oceans free from plastic. Well done PureFree.

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