PureFree Glass Water Bottles Make The Perfect Corporate Gift For Customers And Staff

Whether branded PureFree or your own custom branding, glass water bottles will differentiate your brand and deliver longevity of brand awareness.

Used every day

Differentiate your brand from the plethora of ‘common’ corporate gifts which undoubtedly end up in the charity bin – nice for the charity but not a great ROI for the company that invested in them. PureFree glass water bottles will be used and enjoyed by your customers and staff every day, generating longevity of brand awareness for your company.

High quality, premium product

Drinking from glass is an entirely different experience compared to plastic or stainless steel. Everything tastes better in glass – pure, fresh, clean. And with the PureFree thread-less mouth design, every sip will be smooth, luxurious and a quality experience for your customer or valued staff member.

Environmentally friendly

Demonstrate your commitment to corporate sustainability by providing a gift that promotes reuse, and a reduction in plastics and waste.

Great for personal health

Being glass, PureFree water bottles do not contain any harmful plastics chemicals that may leach into bottle contents. Glass is also non porous so will not attract bacteria and germs that may attach themselves to plastic or stainless steel surfaces. A beautiful water bottle will also encourage the consumption of more water, which is always a good thing.

How it works

Orders under 500 units – Orders under 500 units can be custom branded with your corporate logo. Please enquire for volume pricing discounts and lead times: info@purefree.com.au

Orders over 500 units – Orders over 500 units can be custom branded with your corporate logo, and your choice of silicon sleeve colour. Please enquire for volume pricing discounts and lead times: info@purefree.com.au

Corporate Customer Feedback

When it came to purchasing branded water bottles for the World Parks Congress, PureFree was an obvious choice. The brand is locally owned, and the quality is exceptional. Tam was great to deal with and rushed the order through, so it would be ready in time. The feedback from delegates was resoundingly positive and PureFree bottles are now in over 50 different countries. They are definitely the bottle of choice for the rangers of the globe.

Water just tastes better from PureFree bottles. The rim is smooth and I definitely drink more water now that I have discovered PureFree. This year, they will be a staple for Christmas presents.

Melanie T

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

We chose PureFree to produce our bottles to give to new starters as the company was referred to us when we put the word out to our contacts. We instantly loved the design of the bottles and the colour options to choose from and were very happy with the end product. They are glass so environmentally friendly and the bottles themselves are of a very high quality. We have received nothing but positive comments from our employees and were very happy with the overall service provided. They were delivered to us by our promised date and Tamara kept in contact with us throughout the process to ensure we were happy with the colours and design. We would 100 % recommend PureFree.
Natalie L

Bridge Housing

What a perfect bottle to use in our office. So much so that we purchased one for EVERY team member to use in the office. They are striking to look at, beautiful to drink from & we are elated to be supporting a local business! Well done on an absolutely beautiful product.
Patricia P

RES Group

I just wanted to leave a short note to thank the PureFree team and Tamara for providing us with these fantastic bottles.
It has been, and continues to be, an important journey for Tenconi SA in identifying ways to contribute to the reduction of waste and pollution. I met Tamara years ago and I know how much Tamara and her team care about the wellbeing of the world and their passion is reflected in the way the product has been created and manufactured.
The PureFree bottles are an important contribution towards our agenda and goals to help the environment. This effort is now extended to all our customers, suppliers and staff who have received and agreed to use these bottles regularly!
I’d like everyone to try these bottles out for themselves, or use them, as we have done, to send an important message to their customers and commercial partners. For us it has been a true success!

Michele B

CEO TENCONI SA - Switzerland

PureFree provided us with an excellent product and superb service. All of our business associates loved the bottles, colour and ease of use with the cap.

Sandra M