We Are Very Excited To Introduce Our PureFree OddBods Range!

PureFree bottles are hand-made and as such, there are variances in each bottle. Sometimes the particular variances of a bottle mean it is best suited to our OddBods range. OddBod bottles are fully functional, however they will have an imperfection that makes them less than 100% perfect. This is great news for you as you can snap up a bargain as OddBods are 30% off the Amico retail price.

Buying an imperfect PureFree water bottle helps us by ensuring every one of our bottles goes to good use, and helps you by being a great deal! Plus, they’re cute, quirky and unique!

Examples of flaws which OddBod bottles may sport are:

  • Visible flaws/marks in the glass
  • Smooth but uneven rim around the mouth
  • Logo not straight
  • Marks on the silicon sleeve/lid
  • No logo (OddBods Unbranded)

Select your very own unique OddBod below!

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Summary for Amico
Average Score: 5 (3 ratings)
Big support for this Lady Startup!
Splendid elegance: this bottle holds a substantial amount and still fits my bag. I love the look and feel. Thank you!
You are missing out if you do not own one of these bottles
These bottles are the most versitle and functional bottles I have ever used. I have spent lots and lots of money on other bottles that have not lasted or have absorbed smells and tastes. These last and do not absorb anything. My advice, buy one for every family member today, they will love you for it.
The Drink Bottles were a huge success!
I purchased the Amico drinks bottles for a work conference. The whole process from start to finish was amazing. The bottles looked amazing and I received so many compliments on them. They have lasted so well too. They are nice to drink out of and are a perfect size! Highly recommend!

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