The PureFree Story

PureFree began when our Founder, Tamara, became increasingly concerned at the growing number of single-use plastic bottles lining the shores of Sydney Harbour.

These bottles are used for a few minutes, yet will remain on our planet for hundreds of years. And, more puzzling, we are fortunate to have ready access to clean water. It was, and sadly, still is, shocking to see the number of people walking out of the supermarket with vast quantities of single-use plastic water bottles, wrapped up in yet more plastic.

A little research uncovered some horrifying facts about that state of our lands, our oceans, the gyres of rubbish that will be here for centuries, and the extremely adverse affect this waste is having on marine life. Not to mention ourselves.

One thing became clear – for the sake of our health and the health of our planet, we need to change our habits.

Tamara made it her mission to create an alternative – a water bottle that was beneficial for the environment, practical for every day use, beautiful to look at, and beautiful to use. Something people would love and carry with them every day. No need to buy a single use water bottle again!

And so, in 2014 PureFree was born: beautiful, reusable glass water bottles that let you ‘Hydrate in style’.  The bottles were specifically designed to ensure they delivered a luxurious, premium drinking experience. The mouth of every PureFree glass water bottle is smooth, threadless and a perfect size so it is much nicer to drink from, and the silicon cap snaps closed to seal the bottle.

PureFree bottles are designed to be unique and your constant +1.

  • Luxurious, smooth drinking with the PureFree thread-less mouth
  • Clean, fresh taste – everything tastes better in glass
  • Great for your health – no nasty plastics chemicals leaching into your water
  • Great for the planet – PureFree bottles are reusable
  • Made from tough borosilicate glass
  • Coloured silicone sleeve for individual style, added protection and grip

As one PureFree customer said “since I got my PureFree bottle, it has come everywhere with me. I don’t leave home without it” which is great! Better taste, better health and better for our planet.

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