PureFree Amico

The PureFree Amico is our premium borosilicate glass water bottle, with silicon sleeve coverage that delivers greater protection as your Amico accompanies you on your daily travels. Available in a range of colours as individual as you are, free from any plastics-chemicals, the Amico will freshen up your life and your style. Our premium thread-less mouth design will ensure every sip is smooth and a luxe experience, encouraging you to drink more water – fabulous for your health!

Capacity: 500ml

Shipping is FREE for orders of two or more, and $5 nationwide for orders of one bottle. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend – they make the perfect gift! Scroll down for product reviews

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Summary for Amico
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You Will Love Them

These water bottles are amazing. I was surprised how different water could taste when not using a bottle with a plastic lip. I definitely recommend them. You will love them.

The perfect gift

I love my PureFree water bottle in white. It is lovely to use and I can pop it in the dishwater! I now give these as gifts. The range of colours is so stunning!

Sustainable & Stylish!

What a perfect bottle to use in our office. So much so that we purchased one for EVERY team member to use in the office. They are striking to look at, beautiful to drink from & we are elated to be supporting a local business! Well done on an absolutely beautiful product.

Purefree for me!

Love these Purefree glass water bottles. One lives in my handbag and another in my car. I am drinking so much more water without any effort. A great design where you can remove the silicon lid with one hand and the water tastes cleaner and fresher than plastic store bought bottles. A bonus for our environment!

My Kids Want My Bottle!

My kids are always trying to steal my PureFree bottle! They all love it and want one.

Love these bottles
Love PureFree glass water bottles

I bought one of these a few years ago and used it so much I bought 3 more. One for the handbag, gym bag, work and one for home. The water really does taste amazing in these. It’s a great way to keep hydrated, and also my kid loves drinking water from it so an extra win. Thank you Pure Free for such an excellent product.

I Can't Go Back To Plastic

I could never go back to plastic after drinking from my PureFree glass bottle

Great Bottles!

After drinking from one of these I could never go back to a plastic bottle! It’s a must have 🙂

Fresh and Clean Taste

Since getting the PureFree glass bottle I have been drinking at least three times as much water as I was before. The glass bottle makes the water tastes fresh and clean so I keep going back for more and  I feel much healthier for it!

Clean and Refreshing

I am a water bottle fiend and have finally found the perfect water bottle in PureFree!! There is something so clean and refreshing when you drink from a glass bottle rather than plastic or stainless steel. Love my PureFree water bottles, have bought it in a few different beautiful colours as it’s handy having one for the car, one at home and one for the gym.

Can’t get enough!!

I want one of these in every colour! Water tastes a million times better from these glass bottles, the lid stays on in my bag and not a drop spills. The design is beautiful and I get so many comments. The orange is my favourite!

Can't leave home without my PureFree glass water bottle

I love my PureFree glass water bottle! I take it everywhere! It doesn’t leak, fits in my car cup holder and handbag easily. Not heavy like other bottles out there. I can’t go back to plastic! ❤️

Big support for this Lady Startup!

Splendid elegance: this bottle holds a substantial amount and still fits my bag. I love the look and feel. Thank you!


Awesome water bottle!

Amazing Bottle

The best bottle I have ever used. I feel pure & free drinking from my PureFree water bottle 😉

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