PureFree Pantry 25 Pack


Introducing PureFree Pantry – our range of glass storage & display bottles to help you stay plastic-free when you’re at home or in the office. These bottles are perfect for storing and displaying food in a beautiful way – think nuts, seeds, goji berries, salad dressing, lollies – all in beautiful, BPA-free glass. Move from unattractive plastic to glass – better for your health, our planet and much nicer to display.

Each bottle is made from borosilicate (strengthened) glass. They can be used for liquids (smoothies etc) although they should be kept upright when full and should not be frozen.  The bottles can be hand washed or popped in the dishwasher – top shelf only.

PureFree Pantry 25 pack contain 25 bottles, each with a food-grade silicon lid. Perfect for home or the office. Great to share a pack with a friend! And perfect for creating custom Christmas presents – just add your choice of bath crystals, lollies, nuts etc to create a gift where the contents are used and the bottle is a bonus gift!

The PureFree Pantry range – when you want your bottle contents to be free from plastics chemicals & looking gorgeous!

Capacity: 500ml per bottle
Quantity: 25 bottles
$249 per box
Delivery is FREE nationwide.

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